Termite Control Phoenix, AZ

Termites are very prevalent throughout the Phoenix area, with the most common termite being the Heterotermes aureus, or the desert subterranean termite.

Unfortunately, this termite is the most destructive Arizona termite. The severe structural damage it causes to homes can only be avoided by prompt remedial termite pest control. Desert subterranean termites are so common in Arizona that every home in the Phoenix area is required to receive a soil “pretreatment” prior to pouring the concrete foundation. This termite pretreatment protects the home from the desert subterranean termite, though the pretreatments generally have only a 3-year warranty.

Best Practices To Keep Your Home Protected From Termites

Over time, the pretreatment barrier breaks down, leaving your home defenseless against these destructive termites. The time it takes for the barrier to become ineffective depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Conducive conditions, e.g. water leaks, faucet drips, wood to earth contact, poor home construction
  • Type of product used for the pretreatment
  • Quality of the pretreatment
  • Type of soil on which the home was built, e.g. farmland, virgin desert, grove
  • Passage of time

The desert subterranean termite creates colonies numbering up to 300,000 termites in the soil around homes. These colonies feature “mud tubes” that allow the termites to access cellulose (i.e. wood). These light brown mud tubes can at times be seen along the concrete foundation stem wall, with the width of a drinking straw. Termites access the home through these mud tubes behind walls and through cracks in the foundation, which allows them to forage undetected for years. Termite control is proven to be effective for desert subterranean termites, even in places where they cannot be seen.

  • termite tube on foundation in Phoenix Arizona
  • termite tube on foundation in Phoenix Arizona
  • termite found on foundation in Phoenix Arizona


The most effective preventative and corrective treatment approach for the desert subterranean termite is to treat the soil around the home.

Since the desert subterranean termite is so common throughout the area, periodically reestablishing this barrier is recommended to protect your home against a current infestation and for proactive prevention. Blue Sky Pest Control termite treatments are effective and pet-, family- and environmentally friendly.

  1. Specialized equipment is used to dig a shallow trench around the home.
  2. A “non-repellant” product is placed in the trench at the correct depth with a rodding tool. We use Termidor, the most effective “non-repellant” product. Termidor does not alert the termite that it is walking through the product, so the termites unknowingly transfer it back to the rest of the termites, which eliminates the colony.
  3. After the treatment, the soil is placed back into the trench. The protective barrier will remain effective for up to several years depending on the scope of the treatment.

How Blue Sky Protects Your Home Against Termites

    We inspect your home. A licensed Blue Sky termite inspector performs a thorough inspection, which determines the treatment option. The inspector will ask a few questions to make sure they are familiar with your situation and any specific requests that you have:

    • Are you aware of any termite activity at your neighbors’ homes?
    • Have you seen any termite activity at your own home?
    • If you have seen termites, where is the activity?

    The scope of the termite control treatment is determined by the size of the infestation, the size of the area that requires treatment, the type of landscaping and hardscape around a home and other factors. Once the inspection is completed, the Blue Sky inspector will provide a detailed sketch that outlines the treatment, the product to be used and the termite treatment cost. The inspector will also let you know of any conditions conducive to termites that must be addressed prior to treatment.

    We treat your home. On the day of treatment, an Arizona licensed Blue Sky termite technician arrives within the specified treatment time. The technician has a copy of the detailed sketch provided to you by the inspector. They alert you to his or her arrival, answering any questions you may have prior to beginning the treatment. Blue Sky is known for the quality of its service technicians. Great care is taken to ensure the treatment area is left clean and orderly. You can also be confident that the treatment is performed in line with Blue Sky best practices and our commitment to excellent work.

    We guarantee protection. After the termite control treatment is complete, you are protected under Blue Sky’s treatment protection guarantee. This means that if at any time during the protection period you have a reoccurrence of termite activity, we will return immediately to treat your home—at no additional charge. The length of the protection period is determined by the scope of treatment performed.

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