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Why Choose Blue Sky Pest Control to Protect Against Termites?


Termites are extremely prevalent throughout Arizona. The most common termite in the Phoenix area is the subterranean termite which, in accordance with its name, lives in the soil.
Subterranean termites are social insects, living in colonies that can number 300,000. A “mud tube” is often a sign of infestation, although these mud tubes are not always visible—they can be hidden by walls, plumbing, cabinets and other obstructions.

Blue Sky Pest Control Can Protect Your Home From Termites

While many pests are nuisances, termites are actually hazards. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or commercial building as they silently feast on your property – all without the owner ever suspecting. Blue Sky Pest Control can protect your home or commercial property from termites by treating existing infestations and by preventing new termite infestations. Our free report 5 Homeowner Tips to Protect your Home Against Termites provides some steps you can take to eliminate conducive conditions for termite activity.

  • termite tube on foundation in Phoenix Arizona
  • termite tube on foundation in Phoenix Arizona
  • termite found on foundation in Phoenix Arizona

Termite Pre-Treatment in Arizona

Because termites are so common throughout the Valley, every home built here is required to have a termite treatment prior to the pouring of the foundation. This pre-treatment has a 5-year warranty.

During this process, the soil is treated just before the concrete foundation is poured. This establishes a barrier in the soil that reduces the likelihood of termites entering the home. The products used for these pre-treatments break down over time, leaving a home vulnerable to a termite infestation in the future.

Many Phoenix area residents don’t know this pre-treatment was ever performed. By not being aware, these homeowners won’t know the risks going forward or any recommended steps to take to keep the home protected against termites. For example:

Disturbance of the ground can negatively affect the pre-treatment barrier.
Doing extensive landscaping, digging pools, pouring patio slabs and other activities that create disturbance of the ground too close to the foundation can ruin the termite pre-treatment barrier and void the initial warranty. Without a barrier, termites can enter the home through cracks in the foundation, around plumbing or along the concrete slab surrounding the entire home. Left undetected, termites can cause significant structural damage.

Periodically re-establishing the barrier and consistent monitoring are the best defense against Arizona’s subterranean termites.
We are often asked what the recommended approach is to keep a home protected against termites. Dr. Baker of the University of Arizona provides some guidance in his article “Arizona Termites of Economic Importance” (2005).

He states: “In the post-construction phase, inspect your home twice a year or better yet, employ a pest management professional (PMP) to do an annual inspection. The practice of repeated visual inspections ensures that termite infestations will be promptly detected once termites have invaded the home. This practice allows control methods to be employed contemporaneous to the infestation, reducing the risk of serious structural damage.”

If a termite infestation is found during an inspection or if a homeowner wants to re-establish the termite barrier proactively, there are some excellent options available to keep your home protected.


How do you insure that you do not get an infestation? The surest way to prevent termite infestations is to vigilantly check your home or building for signs of termites. Annual inspections are key to making sure your property doesn’t have termites – or to finding an infestation and treating it before the termites can cause serious (and expensive) structural damage. Most entomologists recommend homeowners inspect their house twice a year or hire a pest management professional to perform an annual inspection.

Home Protection

The best defense is a good offense, so consistently monitoring your property and periodically re-establishing the termite barrier are the best ways to protect your home against Arizona’s pesky and persistent subterranean termites. Experts recommend that homeowners inspect their home twice a year or, better yet, hire a pest management company to perform an annual inspection. Regular inspections help ensure termite infestations are found and treated quickly, which reduces the risk of serious structural damage.

Blue Sky Pest Control offers a Termite Inspection and Protection Plan, which allows you to get an annual inspection of the home by an Arizona licensed termite inspector. In addition, if termite activity shows up, the plan provides for a treatment of the infested area. Not all homes qualify for this plan based upon conducive conditions for termite activity or an active current infestation.


After an inspection, the Blue Sky Pest Control professional inspector will provide you with a treatment option customized for your home’s construction. The most effective treatments for Arizona subterranean termites that we find in the Phoenix are non-repellent liquid treatments.

  • Liquid Treatments:The most common treatment approach in the Phoenix area is a “liquid treatment”. This liquid treatment is applied by trenching around the foundation of a home and “rodding” down into the soil where the subterranean termites live. The liquid products most commonly used are “non-repellents,” which were introduced over 15 years ago. Termidor, through its advertising, is one of the more recognizable non-repellent brands. These non-repellents have been a game changer for termite control. In the past, the products used were repellents. The challenge with repellents was that it was impossible to create a full barrier under a home where different cracks and crevices were present. In addition, the termites would be repelled and simply go to where there was no repellency to enter a home. This made control incredibly difficult. With non-repellents, the termites cannot detect that the product is there. Since termites are social insects they get the product on themselves and transfer the product to other members of the colony, ultimately taking care of the entire colony.

We will send out an Arizona-licensed termite inspector to assess the termite needs at your home. Our inspector will perform a full inside/outside inspection of your property, provide a report with specific recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

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